The University of Edinburgh Staff Benefits Scheme is governed by a Trustee Board who is responsible for the Scheme administration and for the investment of its assets.

The Trustees meet regularly throughout the year and receive specialist advice as required. This includes advice from investment managers, auditors, solicitors and actuaries. Details of the Trustees and their advisers are given in the Annual Report and Accounts.

 At least one third of the Trustee Directors must be elected by the Members. 

The Pensions Department

The Pensions Department handle the day to day running of the pension arrangements. They will help deal with your enquiries at every stage of your career: from becoming a member, transferring benefits or explaining your options when you leave or retire.

The University of Edinburgh Staff Benefits Scheme administrators

The administrators help with any general enquiries about your benefits.

The Trustees, the Pensions Department, the Company and the University of Edinburgh Staff Benefits Scheme administrators can provide you with information about the Scheme. However, they cannot offer you advice which is specific to your circumstances.

If you need advice, we recommend that you speak to a financial adviser.  For details of an adviser near you, visit